Ministry of Culture of the Chelyabinsk Region

Chairman of the Students' Council: Mosunov Yegor

The Students' Council in the educative institution of higher education is one of the forms of self-regulation of the institution and is formed with the purpose of realization the students' rights for participation in governing the educative process, for decision of important problems of youth's activities, for developing its social activities, support and realization of social initiatives.

The Students' Council is formed as constantly active representative and coordinating organ of the conservatory students and it acts on the base of Students' Council's regulations which is decided at the general meeting of the conservatory students and confirmed by Academic Council.


Sport Sector
Musatov Iliyas - vice-chairman of the Students' Council, a student of the chair of Orchestra Folk Instruments. He is an organizer of sport events outside (football, track and field sports).
Voluntary Sector
Kuznetsova Anastasiya - a student of the chair of Wind and Percussion Instruments. She is a person who knows where the altruism energy of our students to put in.
Information Sector
Yarmosh Yaroslava - a student of the chair of Academic Singing. She is a cameraman who can always find an excellent foreshortening. She is an administrator of the official group of the Conservatory in W-contact of net-work.
Salmenbayev Bekzat - a student of the chair of Wind and Purcussion Instruments. He is an administrator of Instagram of the Conservatory.
Cultural Work Sector
Lesova Anastasiya – a student of the department of Solo and Choral Singing. She leads active work in organization of students’ events.
Buyankin Maxim – a student of the chair of Conducting. He leads the work with students in holiday events.
Sobolkina Yekaterina – a student of the chair of Conducting. She is an excellent organizer of students’ meetings.

Monitors’ Staff

Every student has the right to choose and be chosen into the Students’ Council according to the acting regulations. The Students’ Council activities are directed to all the students of the conservatory. The resolutions of the Council concern all the conservatory students.

Functions of the Students’ Council activities:

  • formation of students’ skills of self-governing, training them to the competent and responsible participation in the society life;
  • development of civil culture, active civil position of students, promoting the development of their social maturity, independence, ability to self-organization and self-development;
  • provision of rights realization to students’ participation in governing the conservatory, evaluation of the educative process;
  • students’ drawing into the decision of problems connected with the training highly-qualified specialists;
  • assistance to the management of the conservatory in deciding educative and scientific tasks, in organization the leisure and well-being of students, in propaganda of healthy way of life and other social-being problems of their interests;
  • assistance to the structure subdivisions of the conservatory in holding the events in the frame work of educative process;
  • elaboration of the suggestions on improving the quality of educative process taking into consideration the scientific and professional interests of the students;
  • leading the work directed to the improvement of students consciousness and their requirements to the level of their knowledge, training caring attitude to the conservatory property, patriotic attitude to the spirit and traditions of the conservatory;
  • defense and presentation of students’ rights and interests before the management of the conservatory;
  • assistance in realization of social significant youth initiatives;
  • participation in formation public opinion about student youth as real strength and strategic resource of development of Russian society;
  • strengthening inter-institution, inter-regional and international relations;
  • present information for students about the conservatory activities;
  • Students’ Council activities can be directed as well to the decision of other problems defined in accordance with the specific features of the region, municipal formation of the conservatory.

Interrelations of the Students’ Council and the authorities of the conservatory are ruled by the Regulations. The Students’ Council acts with the conservatory management on the base of the principles of cooperation and autonomy.

Representatives of the conservatory management can be present at the sittings of the Students’ Council. Resolutions on the problems of life activities in the conservatory are confirmed by the conservatory management  taking into consideration the Students’ Council opinion.