Министерство культуры Челябинской области

The Magnitogorsk State Conservatory (academy) named after M.I. Glinka refers to the type of institutions of higher professional education. It is a multi-level higher complex institution that unites pre-school, primary, secondary, higher and post-graduate stages of professional education in the field of art.

The Magnitogorsk conservatory realizes the main and additional educational programs in accordance with the License to the right of leading educational activities and to the Certificate of the State accreditation (see the documents in the part Information about the educational organization).

The tuition is carried out on the programs of training Specialist, Bachelor, Master. Besides, there are programs of post-graduate course and assistance-trainee course.

In addition, at the faculty of Additional Education there are also programs of preparation for entering the college and institution, programs of professional retraining, professional probation and improving skill qualification.

The main language of study and training in the conservatory according to the Charter of the Conservatory is Russian.

Concept of Development

  • Concept of the Conservatory development for the period 2015-2020

Strategy of Development

  • Strategic priorities and strategic goals of the Conservatory for the period 2015-2020

From the history

The fundamentals of the music culture in Magnitogorsk, indeed, the cult of classic music, were laid by the greatest Russian teachers-musicians, founders and creators, apprentices of the outstanding Russian scientist and teacher B.L. Yavorsky. The great Russian conductor Semyon Grigoriyevich Eidinov played the important role in it. Due to his forty year creative activities there was founded living and productive system of music education and enlightenment, which united music schools, Houses of Music, city orchestras, famous in our country Academic Capelle and one of the best music colleges.

The Magnitogorsk music college was founded by the Order of Art Affairs department of the Chelyabinsk regional executive committee of 26.05.1939 г. № 24. In accordance with the Order № 92-12-125/12 оf 30.07.1990 by the State committee of the Soviet Union on the people education by the Order of the Ministry of culture of Russian Federation  № 294 оf 05.09.1990  on the base of the Magnitogorsk music specialized school there was founded the Magnitogorsk higher music college.

On the initiative of Alexander Nikolayevich Yakupov and his supporters - Nataliya Nikolayevna Veremeyenko, Mark Moiseyevich Berlyanchic and with the support of the whole collective the Magnitogorsk music special school (college) named after M.I. Glinka was reorganized into the Magnitogorsk State Music-Pedagogical Institute  named after M.I. Glinka (Order of the administration chief of the Chelyabinsk Region №335 оf 15.09.1993). In 1996 the Institute got the status of the conservatory, and in 2005 it got the state accredit status - academy.

The first rector of the conservatory, the author of serious scientific researches, a bright organizer Alexander Nikolayevich Yakupov  was one of the first in the country who considered the necessity of reorganizing the best college of the country into the higher institution. The high professional and creative achievements of the lecturers and students required new conditions for realization of the creative potential.

The conservatory puts into life the complex approach to education of a specialist-musician - theory is closely connected with practice. In the education subdivisions of the higher institution besides higher level   there are also a scientific-research center of diagnostics and early development of creative children abilities (on the base of the kindergarten "Notka"), research laboratories and creative studios. The unremitting educational process gives the students the possibility to achieve high professional level.

Nowadays the conservatory is an educational system functioning on the united pedagogical and organization principles - such as succession, unremitting education, creative approach to acquiring the knowledge, complex deeply all-round development of students' abilities. Everything above mentioned is supplied by the scientific-methodic base of the chair, laboratory, scientific-research centers. Every student has the possibility to realize completely his/her creative potential. In the conservatory there are three concert halls, many scenic stages.

The Magnitogorsk conservatory trained many generations perfectly prepared, gifted musicians, actors, choreographers, ballet dancers who make the foundation of  developing the artistic infra-structure of the city and region, they confirm the achievements of our performing schools in Moscow, St. Petersburg, other cities of Russia, the USA and Europe.

Quantity of students

At present there are 203 students of the budget form of tuition and 38 students pay for tuition according to the contract with natural persons. Among them 177 are full-time students: they are 153 students, 2 post-graduate students, 22 assistant-trainees; at the Correspondence department there are 54 people: 50 students, 4 post-graduate students.

At the college of the Magnitogorsk conservatory at present there are168 students of the budget form of tuition and 6 pay for tuition according to the contract with natural persons.

In the Choreography college there are 48 students of the budget form.

Scholarship provision

According to the legislation of Russian Federation, Typical Regulations about the scholarship provision, legislative statements of the Governor and the government of Chelyabinsk region, local and rate statements of the Conservatory students have the right to get the scholarship and benefits. The distribution of the scholarship fund and the procedure of assignment the scholarship to students, post-graduate students and masters are defined by the Regulations "About scholarship provision and social support of students, post-graduate students and masters" confirmed by the Academic Council of the Conservatory in accordance with its Charter and is coordinated with the student organization and representatives of the students.

Material basis of the conservatory

At present the Magnitogorsk State Conservatory disposes of two academic buildings, the building with equipped academic class-rooms of the chair of Music Variety Art and the Academic Theater for studies of opera training for the students of academic singing, computer center, workshops and garages of the conservatory, two hostels (the students' area "Solnechny"). The total area of all the buildings is equal to 14653 square meters.

Besides, in academic building 1 there are:

  • Sound recording laboratory;
  • TV study laboratory;
  • Library and book store;
  • Record library with rooms for audition and watching video tapes;

  • Regional methodic center;
  • Sports ground;
  • Museum of music culture of  Magnitogorsk;
  • Workshops for repairing the music instruments;
  • Dining-room;
  • Laboratory of innovative technologies;

In the second academic building besides the classrooms there are:

  • Scientific-practical center of artistic education;
  • Editorial-publishing department;
  • Library and reading-room;
  • Administrative-managerial services;
  • Accountant’s office;
  • Concert department;
  • Sociology laboratory.

The institution possesses a good material basis for the rehearsal work and concert performances of creative collectives, professor-lecturers’ staff and conservatory students. It also includes Grand concert hall for 432 seats, Chamber hall for 114 seats, Arts hall for 74 seats.

The two buildings of the students’ area “Solnechny” are connected with warm passage and are supplied with all the communications. The total territory of the students’ area is 46731 square meters; it includes: underground of 3289 square meters, green lawns of 29000square meters; household shops, sports constructions of 14442 square meters.

The total space of the hostels including 2 building comprises 6507,7 square meters.

Information resources

The information resources of the institution are presented by the library (books, articles, patents, dissertations, etc.), the official site www.magkmusic.com, various city publishing and electronic Means of Mass Information, the journal “Bulletin of the Magnitogorsk conservatory” (Certificate № ПИ № ФС77-28669 оf 13.06.2007), and also the scientific special journal “Education in the Field of Art”.  The official site of the conservatory is placed at the own service of the conservatory which is taken care of by the experienced system administrators.

The conservatory possesses two computer classes equipped with computers in the basic set (monitors, keyboard, columns, microphone, mouse, system block with the processor Intel Pentium or Celeron with tact frequency not lower than 1,2 cycles per second, operative memory with the volume of not less than 512 MB, video- and audio-adapters) and MIDI-keyboards.

All the ninety nine computers of the conservatory are placed in the local system, have connection with the global network of Internet. All the computers of the conservatory are supplied with the program provision necessary for the realization of academic and production tasks.