Ministry of Culture of the Chelyabinsk Region

Foreign Students’ Department has been successfully functioning at Magnitogorsk conservatory (academy), named after M. I. Glinka for more than two decades. Aleksandr Nikolaevich Yakupov, the Principal of M. I. Glinka Magnitogorsk Musical College, was at the origins of its creation in 1990. Due to his efforts and with the help of some organizers and managers of the department such as T. A. Zavershinskaya, A. L. Dudin, Bui Cong Thanh, Magnitogorsk conservatory came to a serious international level in music-performing and concert-artistic activities. During the years of its existence Foreign Students’ Department has trained students from Columbia, Germany, Vietnam, Japan, China and Korea. The conservatory is constantly developing and strengthening relations with foreign countries - there are master classes, various international contests and assemblies, foreign tours for conservatory specialists. The Conservatory regularly arranges 3 international contests: T. A. Gaidamovich contest for Chamber Ensembles, “Europe-Asia” festival-contest for Ensembles and Folk instruments’ Orchestras, I. Kuznetsov festival-contest. The range of participants is vast: Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Korea, China, Vietnam, Israel, Portugal and Greece. In Magnitogorsk conservatory there was also the international contest "The Teacher of music of the XXI century".

Magnitogorsk conservatory also arranges all-Russian pedagogical Assemblies of art, including scientific conferences, seminars, concerts, master classes, skill courses with the assistance of leading figures of culture: M. A. Smirnova, I. G. Agafonnikova, L.E. Gakkel, E. B. Dolinskaya, E. G. Sorokina, A. G. Bahchieva, N. V. Parfentyeva, G. A. Pisarenko, T. V. Cherednichenko, R. S. Ledenev, foreign musicians and scientists. A new branch of “Mozart Music Lovers’ Society” was opened at the similar Assemblies in 2006. The Society became the full member of worldwide organization “Mozarteum” (headquarter in Salzburg, Austria), established in Russia in 1991. Due to the fact Magnitogorsk conservatory got the opportunity to contact with similar societies in Austria, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Switzerland and other countries. According to the rules of the Society teachers and students of the conservatory actively study and promote Mozart’s works by means of their participation in public concerts, musical festivals, scientific seminars and researches, speeches over the radio and television. The Society supports young talented musicians. As the result the students and teachers of the conservatory has got the opportunity to participate in the international contests and festivals, dedicated to Mozart’s creative work.

The students of the conservatory willingly participate in the International activities. Scientific and creative students’ Society of the Conservatory often holds International Art Assemblies, concerts, scientific and practical conferences. The joint project of cooperation between Magnitogorsk conservatory and Korean Institute of Music Dong-Pusan has become the important step in developing international relations.

Dong Pusan College University Nowadays life makes us conform to new rules, offering our services in the field of music-performing art on the international level. In our plans there are tours of our best teachers with concerts and master classes in Asia. We want to revive traditions of holding “The Days of Russian Culture” in Europe - foreign musicians and performers would become interested in cultural exchanging and establishing the international contact.